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About the Title Cristofori's Dream

Contemporary piano and New Age music fans certainly recognize this title.  It is the signature album and song of Grammy-nominated pianist David Lanz—a tribute to the inventor of the piano, Bartolomeo Cristofori. Originally released in 1988, Cristofori's Dream topped Billboard's New Age chart for twenty-seven weeks and eventually went platinum.  Twenty-five years later, this celebrated album has been re-released as Cristofori's Dream . . . Re-envisioned.  Great stuff.  I've been a fan since his days with guitarist/composer Paul Speer.  But that's another story—the next one (with a touch of fantasy).


Though this novel has no affiliation with Mr. Lanz, his album, his song of the same name, or its subject, the music did inspire the writing.  And for those who have read the novel, you know how the title perfectly illustrates my story's main theme, which is why I chose it.


For more about David Lanz and his inspirational music, please visit his website:

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