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Cristofori's Dream the novel

The Amazon Reviews

"This is a gripping story combining elements of folklore and fantasy to address the terrible ravages of familial cancer. Chris and Janey are believable and fully human as they grapple with the unnamed horror that threatens to destroy their family. The children are the heroes in this incredible tale, the ones who must brave the terrible reality that the adults in their lives cannot name or face. Italia shows a deep understanding of human nature and the defense mechanisms that we use to deal with the unknown, the incompletely understood, and profound loss. The book was deeply affecting and thought-provoking -- highly recommended!"


"This is a powerful story that stays with you long after you finish it. It's about faith and courage and redemption. The story takes you into two worlds with the main character, Chris, who has had more than his share of bad breaks but who never gives up. It starts with Chris at home and you get to know him and the tragedy of his family. Later, you'll escape into a mystical other-worldly place. It's extremely visual and fast-paced and it's a great read. This would make a good book-club book. You'll want to discuss it with someone when you're done - lots of symbolism and layers of meaning. I really enjoyed it!"


"I was hooked in the first ten pages and could not stop reading. The setting is frightening and magical; the characters are intense; and the story line just keeps the reader wanting more. Much like Sandra's paintings, this novel has the "dive-in" quality that I admire, respect, and appreciate - deep meaningful characters who take you with them into I this magical journey. I highly recommend this novel for readers of all ages and interests. You will not be disappointed!"


"I LOVED the book! Couldn't stop reading it once I started! Great book for all ages. The plot is full of layers and keeps you on your toes. Enjoyed the Italian/religious references. Thought the main character was very likable, interesting and complex... Recommend this book to everyone."


"This is an amazing story of a family's personal journey during tragedy and how each family member deals with "the unknown". The love between brother and sister is amazing and inspiring. No matter the differences between the siblings - their love of each other is the cornerstone that holds them together. Through careful crafting of the story - Science and Christianity come head to head turning non-believers into believers. Sometimes people hide behind what they can touch, feel and see for protection. This book peels away at that protection in order for everyone to understand that sometimes what you cannot see is the strongest protection. Excellent book!"


"Nothing better than creating the minds picture of newly born characters. This book is truly a fun and captivating read but even more intriguing is the effort to pair science to the Holiness of the Christmas season. Very cool. I am immersed in the meat of this book and can't wait to see how it unfolds. It's got me hooked! Thank you, Robert! A wonderful way to spend cool fall nights preparing for the glory of "The Season". Exceptionally written."


"This is a fantastic book! I look forward to the end of the day when I can finally break into the next chapter. Each page leaves me wanting to read more! There are so many instances in this book that I can relate to in my own personal life. Experiences that are portrayed so well that I feel this is, in a way, a snapshot into different times of my own life. The relationship between Chris and Janey is so tender and sweet, truly a relationship of unconditional family love, care and sacrifice. This book has evoked many emotions - smiles, tears and even anger towards some of the characters' cruelty. I can't wait to continue my nightly reading. Upon completion, I will be eagerly awaiting a sequel! Fabulous book for all!"


"Powerful and descriptive storyline that makes it difficult to put the book down. Found many instances where I could relate to the struggles of Cristofori."


"I was hooked after the first page! Mr. Italia's novel is wonderfully written with deep, beautiful imagery. The well-developed characters are unforgettable. The movement between the two worlds makes the reader long to find out what will happen in each. A must read!"


"Caught my interest right away, and didn't want to put it down. The character was interesting and complex. A good read for everyone."




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