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Christmas tree photo

chapter seven

Resurrecting the Tree

It's one of the most important (and mysterious) icons on the cover and in the story: the glowing dwarf evergreen.


In Chapter Seven, the beginning of the Holy Season of Magic, Christopher Russo and his younger sister, Janey, defy their father—who thinks the holidays are "nonsense"—by decorating their house for Christmas.  To them, it's a much-anticipated family tradition, complete with secret treasures that take on significant roles in the Dream World, which Chris is about to enter. Even more, their Christmas tree is granted special powers: it has a glow that protects them from all harm. But because of the separate tragedies that befall Chris and Janey, the nature of the tree's light is at the heart of a great debate. Is it a holy light, or one of science?





You might also want to check out the INSPIRATION webpage for more details on how I put together my story.


So what's your opinion?  How do you see Christmas, the tree, and the nature of its light in your world? 

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