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The best way to preview . . .

Clicking the AMAZON or KINDLE buttons on any page will bring you to my novel's Amazon site, where you can by either print or ebook editions, or preview the book for free.  If you have a Kindle Reader, you'll probably want to do this.  The preview and full ebook are formatted as an epub. 


You can also preview at Goodreads, and post a review.


This website's preview is free, too.  Here, you can download a PDF version of Cristofori's Dream, which will work on iPads or computers.


The PDF preview is recommended.  Not only is the format better (it actually looks like a real book, with page numbers and everything!), it allows you to preview the entire first part (61 pages).   Amazon restricts their preview to just 10% (35 pages).


Below is the PDF download link.  Please follow the WRITE A REVIEW link at the end of the preview, which will take you to my book's Amazon page.  Scroll down to the CUSTOMER REVIEWS section and click on the WRITE A CUSTOMER REVIEW button to post your comments, even if they're just a few lines or words.  Indie authors everywhere appreciate it.

Cristofori's Dream PDF
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 You can also preview one page from each chapter. Scroll down to select.

Prologue: The Monster

Chapter 1: The Demon Horde

Chapter 2: Dinner With The Angel

Chapter 3: Staring Into Heaven

Chapter 4: Judgment Day

Chapter 5: The Fallen

Chapter 6: Banished

Chapter 7: Resurrecting The Tree

Chapter 8: The Visit

Chapter 9: Treatment

Chapter 10: The Church

Chapter 11: The Gift

Chapter 12: Shadows From The Past

Chapter 13: The Grand Experiment

Chapter 14: The Haunting

Chapter 15: The Artist's Studio

Chapter 16: At The Vanity

Chapter 17: A Dream Come True

Chapter 18: The Manor

Chapter 19: The Sleigh Ride

Chapter 20: To Dream Within A Dream

Chapter 21: The Bridge

Chapter 22: The Game

Chapter 23: The Grove

Chapter 24: The Orbs

Chapter 25: The Morning Light

Chapter 26: The Old Cottage

Chapter 26: The Old Cottage

Chapter 27: At The Ruins

Chapter 28: Meeting Of The Minds

Chapter 29: Waiting

Chapter 30: The Letters

Chapter 31: The Escape

Chapter 32: The Old Mill

Chapter 33: Natale Per Sempre

Chapter 34: The Study

Chapter 35: The Observatory

Chapter 36: Assessment

Chapter 37: In The Kitchen

Chapter 38: At The Window

Chapter 39: Caterina's Dreams

Chapter 40: The Plunder

Chapter 41: The Storm

Chapter 42: The Machine

Chapter 43: The Paintings

Chapter 44: The Chamber Of Light

Chapter 45: Pandaemonium

Chapter 46: Epiphany

Chapter 47: The Old Ghost

Chapter 48: The Awakening

Chapter 49: The Night Before Christmas

Chapter 50: Between Two Worlds

Chapter 51: Cristofori's Dream

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