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The Twelfth Night Novel by Robert Italia

In the bygone days of ore and empire,


a beacon appears in the distant lighthouse at Cathedral Rock—dormant since the failed Twelfth Night Uprising that devastated the Native American lands of America’s rugged northern frontier. From her gilded balcony on Devils Island, across the treacherous bay, Maggie Chamberlain sees the light as the last sign of doom from a curse that claimed her father and threatens the life of her only son—the sole heir to the family’s “Blood Fortune.”


Days later, a fearsome man appears at her gate. He’s rumored to be part of a famous vigilante force notorious for its unconventional ways. He knows the dark side of the Chamberlain's rags-to-riches story and demands Maggie's child as repayment.


Maggie suspects much sinister forces at work—that he’s been conjured by Charlotte Denonville, the “half-breed” Ojibwe agent who laid the Curse of the Wiindigoo on the Chamberlains for their sins against her and the Anishinaabeg peoples.


Lose her son to Charlotte and the Blood Fortune is lost—along with the lands still abundant with wealth. Fight to keep the child, and—by violence and by curse—Maggie and her son will die. On the Twelfth Night, she must decide.

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