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"I found the writing both good storytelling and extremely visual.  You describe light and color in ways that make it easy to imagine. I loved the idea of painting with light."

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—Jon Lomberg, Emmy Award-winning science artist, original COSMOS TV series.

In a magical quest for a miracle, he did not understand the power with which he played . . .

In this timely and haunting tale about revenge and forgiveness, writing and painting, a bullied young teen—overwhelmed by tragedy—abandons his faith for science, then escapes to a world of his own making in search of a miracle for his dying younger sister. There, he must confront all of his creations—the sacred and the unholy—if he wants to recapture the true love he once knew, and save his sister from the deadly legacy that relentlessly stalks her.

Because it really does matter what he believes.

What he believes becomes matter.

Cristofori's Dream the Novel/Collage
Cristofori's Dream th Novel/Caterina's Ghost
Cristofori's Dream the novel

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